Sensus 620

Composite Water Meter

The Sensus 620 C is Europe’s first fully recyclable composite water meter. Being truly environmentally friendly, it is free of heavy metal, complies with the most stringent regulations governing potable water compatibility and possesses class-leading measurement accuracy.

The meter is the result of four years research and development at Sensus with specialist polymer manufacturer Barlog and stems from growing industry concern over the continued use of metals in water meters.

Ensuring environmental and whole-life cost advantages in utilising the latest composite technology, with the meter proven to perform equal to or better than brass-bodied equivalents. The 620C is essential to companies with a real commitment to sustainable procurement.

Sensus 620 composite meters are not only manufactured using lower carbon materials, they are also AMR-ready – the composite is also more flexible than metal, allowing the meter to expand when frozen reducing the risk of the body splitting.