VAF Milliflow M31 and M32

Low Flow Piston Flow Meters DN 8-12mm

To accurately measure extreme low flows of liquids the “Milliflow” uses the dependable four-piston positive displacement technique. Miniature precision machined 316 stainless steel pistons running inside carbon cylinders enable flow rates as low as 1.0 l/hr to be accurately measured. Pressure rating is 25 bar as standard with options up to 200 bar. All wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel, FTFE and carbon which make the flowmeter compatible with most clean liquids. The Milliflow can be fitted with a six digit mechanical totaliser with or without pulse transmitter, pulse transmitter only or electronic Flowcount which provides digital flow rate / total readout with an optional 4-20mA output. Both the NAMUR pulse transmitter and the electronic Flowcount are ATEX Certified for installation within Hazardous Areas.