Woltmann Water Meter WDE-K50 Horizontal

  • Woltmann Water Meter

Water Flow Meter

The WDE-K50 has been designed to be suitable for industrial and irrigation applications, with an especially durable body and custom parts available to optimise for outdoor use.

The WDE-K50 is built to last; made from cast iron, the body is covered with an epoxy coating to protect against corrosion. This makes the meter well-suited for intensive applications that will likely wear out a more delicate meter quickly.

As a Woltmann meter, the measuring element will not obstruct the path of flow. This, combined with 16Bar max pressure, makes the WDE-K50 optimal for industrial sites, even ones dealing with corrosive materials. Site managers, who are often looking for robust meters that need it to last in harsher environments can reduce maintenance costs and downtime with the WDE-K50.


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