Contrec 505 – FC03

Frequency Input Flow Computer, Tailored for Mass Flow Meters

The 505 FC03 application pack is a rate totaliser for the measurement of a product. It uses the frequency output from a mass flowmeter and it can accept a frequency or pulse input from a wide range of flowmeters.

The flow computer displays the flow rate, resettable total and the accumulated total in the units of measure according to the purchase order.

The instrument is compatible with a wide range of flowmeter frequency outputs, including millivolt signals, reed switches, Namur proximity switches and pulse trains via its smart front-panel program selection.

A freely programmable “user value” on the main menu can serve as a setpoint for the 4-20mA output or as an operator identifier to be logged.


The mass total and flowrate are derived from accurately measured frequency and the number of received pulses.

volume = pulses / k-factor

volume flow = frequency / k-factor