Contrec 505 – FG01

Generic Flow Computer, Tailored for Inputs from Volumetric or Mass Flow Meters

The 505 FG01 application allows for great flexibility in configuring its operation before delivery:
the frequency input can accept either volumetric or mass flow
the analog input can accept either temperature, pressure, density or unitless values
the analog input can operate independently or as a multiplication factor/divider to derive the resultant mass or volumetric flow.
A freely programmable “user value” on the main menu can serve as a setpoint for the 4-20mA output or as an operator identifier to be logged.

This application, by default, is set up to accept a volume flow input, multiplied by a density on the 4-20mA input to determine the mass flow rate and total.


The calculation of totals are exact as the instrument collects all pulses detected on the input.
total = pulses / k-factor

The flow rate is derived from an accurately measured frequency:

flow = frequency / k-factor

The analog input is normalised to a value (A) between 0 and 1.

Analog Value = (Vmax – V min)A + V min

The resultant values are then:

FACTOR result = Flow x Analog Value

DIVIDER result = Flow / Analog Value