Contrec Trac 40 Truck Register

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Electronic Truck Register

Trac 40 Truck Register

In truck applications where electronic registers must be able to operate in adverse conditions, the Trac 40 offers an economical solution for flow measurement and control.

Designed to operate with turbine, positive displacement or coriolis flowmeters, the Trac 40 meets the requirements for custody transfer of liquids throughout the world.

Based on Contrec’s 400 Series instruments, the Trac 40 includes:

Rugged facia and switches
Robust Connectors
Backlit Display
Mounting Feet
Conformal coated electronic assemblies similar to those used by the military
Specifically designed for truck installations, the Trac 40 is a register that will survive in the toughest of environments for electronics.

Preset or Start/Stop Mode

The Trac 40 can be programmed to operate as either a Preset system where the required quantity is entered prior to a delivery, or as a Start/Stop system where an unspecified quantity and be delivered.

Both modes have relay outputs which can be used to control pumps and valves.

Custody Transfer Approval

The Trac 40 includes a dual pulse integrity check of the input signal and temperature compensation to API Tables as required for custody transfer.

Temperature compensation is selectable to include compensation for general petroleums, LPG or other products. If temperature compensation is not required it can be disabled.

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