Flotech Performance Systems specify VAF Flow Meters with Contrec ATEX Flow Computers for Additive Injection Aviation Project in Cyprus

Additive Injection

Project Aims and Objectives

When Flotech Performance Systems secured a contract to supply two 8” mechanical additive injection turbine units for an aviation project in Cyprus, Flowquip’s VAF M31 Milliflow Meters along with J3010 Vane Meters and Contrec ATEX flow computers proved the obvious choice.

Flotech Performance Systems based in Hampshire specialise in providing turn-key solutions storage, transfer and distribution of liquid and gas products to the petrochemical, Process and Energy sectors

Their client required a system that was accurate and reliable and incorporated flow meters that were able long lasting and able to measure low flows suitable for additive injection.


Flowquip supplied VAF Instruments’ Loflow positive displacement liquid flowmeters which are used in continuous metering applications, in-line blending processes and batch applications.

The LoFlow meters have a simple, rugged design. And with only a few almost frictionless moving internal parts there is hardly any wear in the flowmeter which safeguards a typical long lasting lifetime. LoFlow meters have no mechanical seals saving you from regular maintenance and possible leakage of process liquids into the environment.

The flowmeter is driven by the process liquid which makes it suitable for distant locations without power supply. The high accuracy of the flowmeter (better than 0.3% and repeatability 0.05%) is not influenced by process pressure or temperature, mechanical pipe strain or liquid turbulence and therefore straight inlet and outlet pipe pieces are not required.


The mechanical additive injection turbine is a self-driven assembly that requires only a gravity fed additive supply. The turbine assembly will now very accurately dose multiple additives in to the line proportional to the flowrate of the wildstream passed through the unit.

For the project the client with also wished to independently reconcile the additive flowrate into the line so that they could incorporate this information in the their site terminal automation system. The VAF meters and 202 ATEX totalisers were selected to perform this function.