CS Instruments

flow sensor Flow Sensor VA 520 Compressed Air Flow Meter
DS 400 DS 400 Flow Measurement f... Flow Station for compressed air and gases
DS500 Intelligent Mobile Chart Recorder
PI 500 PI 500 Hand-Held Measuring Instrument
flow meter for nitrogen VA 550 Thermal Mass Senso... Robust Thermal Mass Flow sensor
VA570 Thermal Mass Flow Sensor Thermal Mass Flow Sensor ... Sensor with Integrated measuring section
Oil Check 400 – Com... The mobile solution for measuring compressed air quality, residual oil content, particles and moisture
Dew Point Sensor FA 510/5... Residual Moisture Measurement in explosive areas
Leak Detector Leak Detector LD 500/510 ... Leak Detector with Camera

CS Instruments

Proven and innovative measurement systems for compressed air and gases

For years CS Instruments has been one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of measuring technology for compressed air and gases. Long-term experience in production, supply and drying of compressed air contributes to research, development and production of innovative portable and stationary measuring instruments.

CS Instruments offer field proven and practicable measuring instruments for compressed air including dew point meters,flow meters, leakage measuring instruments, leak detectors and mobile analysers for compressed air stations.

Flowquip have been a distributor for CS Instruments for 7 years,our sales team have vast knowledge of their product range this allows us to offer the best solution for your application.

For more information on our CS Instruments, call us on 01422 829920 or email sales@flowquip.co.uk.