Level Monitors

level indicator Contrec 220 Level Indicat... ATEX Level and Contents Display
Tank Level Monitor Contrec 515 – LM02 ... Tank Level Monitor

Flowquip’s digital level monitors are the ideal solution for displaying level and tank contents. Our level monitors accept a 4-20mA signal from a wide range of level sensors. This includes: pressure transmitters, ultrasonic sensors, or capacitance probes and display level and contents on a large LCD screen.

Solid state relay outputs provide up to four level alarms and a 25 point non-linearity table allows the level indicators to be programmed to fit most tanks.

Tank Level Monitoring

The 120 and 220 level indicators are powered entirely from a 4-20mA loop so no batteries or external power are required. This makes them ideal for monitoring stock levels locally to the tank or vessel. As the instrument sits on the 4-20mA loop, the signal can be continued onto the DCS system. For more complex level applications, our 515-LM01 really come in to its own. This level monitor offers advanced options, providing a 20 point strapping table and product density for both level to volume and volume to mass conversions. The instrumental can display volume, percentage full and mass as well as level. This makes it the ideal instrument for oil and chemical tank level monitoring where volumes can shift with temperature changes, or where comparison against weighbridges is required.