Endress + Hauser Flow Meters

Promass 83X Coriolis Flow Meter
prowirl 73 Endress Prowirl 73 Vortex Flow Meter
promass Promass 83F Coriolis Flow Meter
Electromagnetic Flow Meter 10W Electromagnetic Proma... Electromagnetic Flow Meter
coriolis flow meter Promass Coriolis F300 Flo... Promass F300
Vortex Flow Meter Prowirl F200 Mass Steam F... Vortex Flowmeter
promag p 300 Promag P 300 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Promag H Promag H 300 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Picomag Electromagnetic Flow Meter Picomag – Mag Flow Meter Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Flowquip have been an authorised distributor of Endress+Hauser flow meters for over 30 years. Global leaders in measurement instrumentation for industrial process engineering the Swiss-based instrumentation and process automation company operates a wide range of markets around the world. They produce instruments that measure level, volume flow, mass flow, density, pressure, and temperature. 


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Endress+Hauser Flow Meters

Our sales team have vast knowledge of the Endress+Hauser product range and we hold stock meters at our warehouse facility in Sowerby Bridge. Keep reading for information on the types of Endress+Hauser flow meters we have available at Flowquip.

Coriolis Flow Meters

The Coriolis flow meter, often referred to as ‘mass’ meters, have become increasingly popular over the past two decades, now standing as the first choice for many flow applications. Their designs have developed with them, being constantly refined to create a highly accurate flow meter.

This type of flow meter is used by a variety of industries, such as: chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, food, and so on. These flow meters from Endress & Hauser can measure virtually all fluid, whether it be solvents, fuels, toothpaste, or even liquefied gasses. For a versatile and accurate flow meter, choose the Coriolis measuring principle.

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flow meters from Endress+Hauser are a well established flow technology. Offering an accurate and cost-effective metering solution for liquid, steam and gas applications, the vortex flow meter has become extremely popular. Used by a variety of industries, this flow meter allows for volume measurements to be recorded in an efficient and effective way.

The way this flow meter works is by having a vertical flow restriction, also known as a ‘bluff body’, fitted inside of the flow meter. As flow passes by this bluff body, vortices are generated which alternate on each side. The number of vortices generated and volumetric flow are directly related, with the head-mounted electronics converting the signals received from the sensor. This displays instantaneous flow rates and totals.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic flow meters by Endress+Hauser have been used throughout industries for over 60 years now. These meters can be used for all conductive liquids, including: water, acids, alkalies, slurries, and many more.

Mag meters offer no obstruction to flow, which means that it is the perfect choice or handling slurries, paper pulp, effluent, and other conductive liquids that has a solid content. As there is no flow restriction, the mag flow meter doesn’t increase system pressure.


For more information on Endress+Hauser flow meters, email us at sales@flowquip.co.uk or call us on +44 1422 829920.