Batch Control Systems

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Batch Control Systems

Flowquip are able to offer bespoke batch control systems for accurate measurement and dispensing of liquids. With a wide range of flow meter technologies and batch controllers, we can put together a complete system to suit your flow application. 

We have been supplying safe and accurate batching systems for over 40 years. Stocking a range flow meters for pipe diameters up to 100mm, as well a wide range of batch controller options.

For water or water-based applications, Flowquip’s stainless-steel turbine flowmeters provide an extremely robust and reliable solution, ensuring years of trouble-free operation. Electromagnetic meters with PTFE liners, provide the ideal solution for the batching of aggressive and corrosive chemicals. Used in conjunction with an IP66 rated 424 batch controller and a simple solenoid valve or air driven valve, automating a batching process couldn't be simpler.

Batch systems can be supplied pre-configured and pre-wired with 'plug & play' cabling and connections, saving time and money on site installation. For more complex batching applications,  Flowquip also offer a bespoke HMI/PLC design and build service, along with installation and commissioning. Recipe based systems can be easily handled in an PLC solution as well as data logging and reporting, either locally or via a cloud-based storage solution.

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