Hygienic Flow Meters

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Promag H Promag H 300 Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Flowquip's Hygienic Turbine Flow Meters

Flowquip offer a wide range of hygienic turbine flow meters, ideal for liquid measurement within the food, brewing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. 

Highly accurate they provide an economical solution for measuring flows of clean liquids. 

Typical Applications for Hygienic Turbine Flow Meters include: 

  • Measurement of milk products, oils and vinegars
  • Batch Control Solutions
  • Keg Filling
  • Ratio Blending
  • Tanker Loading
  • Accurate measurement of salines, medicines and fine chemicals
  • Beer Flow Meters

For more information on Flowquip's Hygienic Turbine Flow Meters, email sales@flowquip.co.uk 

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