Flow Computers

Contrec 515 – PP01 Pressurised Petroleum Flow Computer
Contrec 515 – FA01 Add/Subtract Flow Computer - 2 Channel Input (Volume)
Contrec 515 – FA02 Add/Subtract Flow Computer - 2 Channel Input (Mass)
Contrec 515 – FA03 Add/Subtract Flow Computer - 2 Channel Input (Energy)
Contrec 515 – FN01 Frequency Input Net Oil Flow Computer, Tailored for Mass Flow Meters
Contrec 515 – FP01 Petroleum Consumption Flow Computer - 2 Channel Frequency Flow
Contrec 515 – FP02 Petroleum Consumption Flow Computer - 2 Channel Analogue Flow
Contrec 515 – FP03 ... Petroleum Consumption Flow Computer - Quadrature Input
Flow Computer Contrec 425 Flow Computer 425 Flow Computer
Contrec 515 – MP01 Flow Computer with Master Proving

Flow Computers

Contrec's Flow Computers receive inputs from flowmeters, along with temperature, pressure and density transmitters.

The flow computer then uses this information to calculate corrected volume and mass flow.  These corrected values are often used for auditing and billing purposes and to ensure optimum performances of, for example steam boilers, air compressors, fuel refining processes or for transfer between tank farms, bulk vehicles and remote sites.

Our 500 series is the most advanced flexible flow instrument available. Designed specifically for more complex applications including multi-channel flow control, natural gassteamcondensateenergy and petroleum, it can be the ideal interface to a PLC, DCS or SCADA system.

For use in the diverse and challenging operating environments of the oil and gas industry the 515 series is the most advanced model in the 500 range. It has more inputs and outputs of higher accuracy, giving it greater capacity and configurability to suit many different applications. Working with virtually every flowmeter type available, Contrec instruments are able to monitor, measure and control all your precious commodities; upstream, midstream and downstream.

The 515 series utilises a common advanced hardware with functionality determined by the choice of software, which is tailored to individual applications. For example, the Net Oil Flow Computer (FN01) calculates the net oil content in petroleum production fluids containing water. The net oil volume is corrected to reference conditions according to ASTM D1250-04. The FN01 uses temperature and density inputs for volume correction.

To measure the flow and consumption of a petroleum fluid, including crude, lube, refined and LPG, the Petroleum Consumption Flow Computer (FP01) has a two-channel frequency flow input that enables the instrument to calculate the delta net volume used by a consuming device such as a marine engine.

There are over 50 applications already available for the 515 series flow computers, with a wealth of input types. In addition, Contrec is constantly creating new applications to provide bespoke solutions to meet customers’ specific challenges.

To meet the ever changing needs of the process industry Contrec has continued to develop its field proven 400 series. First released in 1992 Contrec’s 405 Flow Computers quickly became the industry standard for accurate and reliable flow monitoring and control of liquids, gases and steam. Many of these early instruments are still in service over 25 years later; a true testament to their reliability and stamina.

The 425 Flow Computers incorporate the best features of the original 400 series but we have added some great new features. Still included are the large LCD displays, simple four button operation, and the instrument is still available with a panel, field or explosion-proof mounting option. Added to these are a number of new features, which are included as standard, such as adjustable ‘white’ backlight, tactile keypad to permit operation using gloved hands, software configurable input types and green, red and orange LED status lamps.

Both the our 515 series and the 400 series are easy to install, commission, operate and service. The 515 series are highly accurate field controllers for the oil and gas industry that offer exceptional flexibility over many applications. Flow computers in the 400 series are field proven in thousands of applications worldwide; over two decades they have proven to be flexible, accurate and extremely reliable.

For more information and to speak to our technical sales team about the best flow computer for you application, call us on 01422 829920 or email sales@flowquip.co.uk