B Meters

water meter GMDM Water Meter – ... GMDM-I Multi jet water meter, super dry pre-equipped for inductive modules
Woltmann Water Meter Woltmann Water Meter Water Flow Meter
hot water meters GMDM-I Multi-Jet Hot Wate... Non - Magnetic Pulse Output

B Meters - Flow Meters

Based in Italy, B Meters is an Italian company that has been designing, producing and distributing instruments and solutions for measuring water consumption and energy used for heating and cooling, for over 25 years. 
Their product range includes turbine (velocity) type single and multi-jet water meters with mechanical or magnetic transmission, Woltmann meters, irrigation meters, flow meters and thermal energy meters.
Flowquip are proud to offer the brand new B- Meters range, including the GMDM-I and WDE-K50 smart meters, offering our customers more flexibility for their water applications. 

For more information on the B-Meters product range call our technical sales team on +44 1422 829920 or email sales@flowquip.co.uk.