Mass Flow Computers

Contrec 515 – MP01 Mass Flow Computer with Master Proving

Mass Flow Computers play an important role in the measurement of many different and varied applications spread across most industries.  These flow computers typically fall into two different markets, one is for fiscal type mass flow where the flow computer is used in approved custody transfer applications and is suitable for use in billing/invoicing of fluids and energy commodities.  The other use is for secondary measurement where the instruments are used for internal or departmental auditing and where companies are improving the efficiency of their processes or reducing their carbon footprint.

Traditionally and still today, mass flowmetering utilises differential pressure devices such as orifice plates, venturi and pitot tubes as the primary element. This is coupled to a DP transmitter outputting a volumetric signal and complimented by pressure and temperature transmitters.  Finally a mass flow computer that can then determine mass flow using internationally standardised equations like API, SGERG, ASTM, AGA.  The type of standard used is dependant on the fluid being measured, and this can cover gases, steam and also liquids such as petroleum, bio-fuels and water or energy transfer liquids (in heat metering systems).

Contrec Mass Flow computers are suitable for use on all gases, steams and most petroleum and heat liquid applications.  We can accept either pulse or analogue inputs from flow meters along with pressure, temperature and density to achieve the necessary calculations for mass and corrected volume readings.  All instruments have configurable outputs and alarms as well as RS232/485 and Ethernet communication protocols for integration into DCS or Scada packages.  They can be supplied as panel mounting, rugged field mounting or explosion proof to the latest ATEX/IECEx standards. 

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