Chemical Flow Meters

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Flowquip offer many chemical flow meters for chemical flow measurement.  Usually the application will limit the choice of chemical flow meters; working pressure, temperature, flow range, required accuracy, price, is power available etc.

Types of Chemical Flow Meters

Positive Displacement

If you are searching for a flow meter to measure or control the flow of chemicals or pharmaceutical products, then chances are that a flowmeter from Flowquip’s flagship range of VAF PD meters will offer the perfect solution.  Manufactured in stainless steel with PFA seals VAF Vane Meters offer excellent chemical compatibility as well as precision accuracy. Chemical flow rates from as low as one litre per hour up to 16000 l/min can be easily accommodated and accuracies in the order of 0.1% to 0.3% can be achieved (depending on the specific model).  All chemical flow meters can be supplied with VAF’s register options of mechanical totalisers and single or dual (quadrature) pulse transmitter(s).  ATEX and MID Approvals are standard for most of the VAF product range.

For less arduous applications, Flowquip can offer the MG and Tri-Gear range of positive displacement gear meters.  Again, manufactured in stainless steel with the option of viton or PFA seals these chemical flowmeters provide an economical solution to the task of chemicals measurement.  Flowmeters are supplied, as standard, with reed switch and Hall Effect pulse transmitters with the option of ATEX Exd.  If required, a comprehensive series of secondary instrumentation from the Contrec range can provide remote monitoring of flow rate and totals, batch control, chemicals blending and ratio control to name but a few.  

Vortex Shedding Flowmeters

These offer the advantage of a wide flow range with the added benefit of no moving parts.  An integral, or remote mounted, LCD indicates flow rate and total and provides options of a pulse and/or 4-20mA output.  Typical flow turndown is 30:1 with measuring errors of 1 to 2%.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

These offer similar benefits as the Vortex Shedding flowmeter but suitable for conductive fluids only.  This flowmeter is suitable for much higher liquid viscosities than the Vortex meter and also has the added benefit of additional wetted part options when stainless steel may not be suitable.

Turbine Flowmeters

For low viscosity chemicals Flowquip have the FT range of economically priced Turbine flowmeters.  Many process connection options are available with the most common being threaded, flanged and Tri-Clamp.  For standard industrial applications the FT3 (threaded) or FT4 (flanged) Turbine meets most needs.  For hygienic installations the FT7 is the right choice.  Standard accuracy is better than 0.5% of reading but when used with the Contrec 102D or 202D display accuracy can be improved to around 0.2% due to the instrument’s signal input linearisation circuitry.  ATEX Approved versions are available for Hazardous Area installations

Coriolis Flowmeters

Probably the most expensive but the most accurate measuring solution.  As density and viscosity are greatly affected by changes in temperature and pressure the Coriolis flowmeter is a good choice when it comes to mass measurement.  A true and accurate mass or volume reading is provided regardless changes in the chemical’s characteristics.  This type of chemical flow meter offers no obstruction to flow although the shape of the measuring tubes may create a small pressure loss.  Straight tube Coriolis flowmeters can be employed where pressure drop is an issue.  Measuring accuracies of better than 0.1% of reading can be obtained over a wide operating flow range.  ATEX Approved versions are available for Hazardous Area installations.

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