Flowquip make the process of batching liquids simple, safe, and accurate

Flowquip Ltd, the UK’s leading provider of flow metering solutions, have been supplying safe and accurate batching systems for over 40 years. Stocking a range flow meters for pipe diameters up to 100mm, as well a wide range of batch controller options.

For water or water-based applications, Flowquip’s stainless-steel turbine flowmeters provide an extremely robust and reliable solution, ensuring years of trouble-free operation. Electromagnetic meters with PTFE liners, provide the ideal solution for the batching of aggressive and corrosive chemicals. Used in conjunction with an IP66 rated 424 batch controller and a simple solenoid valve or air driven valve, automating a batching process couldn’t be simpler.

Batch systems can be supplied pre-configured and pre-wired with ‘plug & play’ cabling and connections, saving time and money on site installation. For more complex batching applications,  Flowquip also offer a bespoke HMI/PLC design and build service, along with installation and commissioning. Recipe based systems can be easily handled in an PLC solution as well as data logging and reporting, either locally or via a cloud-based storage solution.

Complete animal feed batch and blending solution

Flowquip were approached recently for an animal feed batch and blending system. Ensus Ltd based in Yarm are one of the leading European manufacturers of sustainably produced bioethanol for the fuel sector. The plant uses over one million tonnes of feed grain per annum. Grain is refined to produce bioethanol, high protein animal feed and carbon dioxide.

Ensus required a batch system that could accurately ratio control a syrup by-product with water, prior to loading it into road tankers to a defined weight. A record of each batch amount after loading on to the tankers was also required.

Flowquip supplied Ensus with a complete batch solution which incorporated a Coriolis flow meter,  Electromagnetic flow meter, PLC and HMI, inline static mixer and control valve.

The PLC, complete with touch screen HMI facilitated overall control of the system and provided a simple operator interface which allowed different product blends and batch sizes to be easily selected, started, stopped, and recorded. A Coriolis flowmeter was selected for accurate measurement of the syrup; and an Electromagnetic flowmeter provided the best solution for the water measurement.

A proportional valve was used to automatically control the amount of water added to the syrup, proportionate to the blend selected and which also accounted for any fluctuation of the syrup flow rate.

An inline static mixer was installed to ensure the syrup was mixed properly with the water to provide a completely blended product, which could then be delivered on to the road tanker.

Since the new system has been implemented, product control and mixing has been significantly improved and Ensus are now able to offer a superior quality product to the animal feed market.

Jason Nicholas Process Engineer for Ensus said “From the first telephone call to project closure, the team at Flowquip have been excellent in the services they have provided. A professional company, that has also worked with us to provide further high- quality support moving forward, I would highly recommend them”

For more information on Flowquip batching systems, call us on 01422 829920 or email sales@flowquip.co.uk