Flowquip Suply VAF Flowmeters for Additive Injection System for Military Aircraft Refuelling Operations

Aircraft refuelling

VAF Flowmeters

Project Aims

Aljac Fuelling Components specialise in providing equipment and systems associated with the handling of aviation fuels. Aljac were recently approached by a military customer in Eastern Europe and asked to supply a standalone additive injection system.

The proposed system had to be capable of injecting three different additives simultaneously during aircraft refuelling operations. The system also had to operate without electrical power. Other important requirements were that the system must remain accurate over time, be robust and simple to operate.


Aljac approached by Flowquip for additive flow meters which could be incorporated into the additive injection pipelines.
Flowquip specified and selected VAF Milliflow M31 and M32 positive displacement flow meters for the application. Each flowmeter has a six digit non-reset totaliser and has ATEX hazardous area approval.

VAF positive displacement flowmeters accurately measure extremely low flows of liquids. The “Milliflow” uses the dependable four-piston positive displacement technique. Miniature precision machined 316 stainless steel pistons running inside carbon cylinders enable flow rates as low as 1.0 l/hr to be accurately measured.

The flowmeters are installed in the additive injection pipelines and mechanically coupled to a number of additive injection pumps. Each pump is independently adjustable for calibration purposes.


Applications involving the fuelling of aircraft are critical and therefore flowmeter accuracy and reliability are essential factors. Aljac explained that they have used other flowmeters in the past but found them unable to cope with the demanding combination of low flow and chemical compatibility requirements.

Aljac’s General Manager Andy Walton said “We wanted to concentrate our own business expertise, so finding a reliable and trust-worthy supplier on the flow metering side was essential. Working with Flowquip has reduced our maintenance and warranty liabilities on these types of products”