Flow Meter Calibration

The new ‘Flowsure’ water based calibration rigs have the ability to test and calibrate volumetric and mass flow meters with flows from just a few litres per hour right through to 60 litres per second using pipe sections up to 8” (200 mm).

The rigs use a combination of Magnetic and Coriolis master flow meters traceable to UKAS, traceable high accuracy weigh scales and volumetric tanks. The rigs are all interconnected which whilst still allowing three separate calibrations to be carried out simultaneously, also allows the master meters, scales and volumetric tanks to be cross checked against each other.

A notable feature of all the rigs is the innovative design which allows Flowquip’s calibration engineers to change the meter under test in minutes.

Stainless steel pipework, in line filtration and water disinfection means that the system is clean, free of debris, and protected against contamination.

Flowquip also offer temperature and pressure calibrations both traceable to UKAS and are happy to provide third party calibration of flow meters in excess of 60 litres per second or where specialist facilities are required such as oils and/or temperature control of Reynolds number.


Flowquip will wherever possible pre-commission instruments before delivery thus considerably saving on site costs not just of our engineers but also those of the client.

It is one of the reasons why many of Flowquip’s clients prefer to include an enclosure, a display, flow computer or batch controller and maybe other transmitters or valves. This way the instrument package can be supplied complete with a simplified wiring diagram, the enclosure internally prewired and all components pre-configured for the application which in turn can sometimes save many hundreds of pounds.

Where commissioning has to be on site, Flowquip can provide an engineer with the appropriate skills and application knowledge to get the client’s system up and running in the shortest time.

Project Design

Flowquip’s engineers have a combined practical application knowledge of over 120 years and an individual average of over 20 years experience in the flow measurement industry.

We are happy to work alongside the client’s engineers or project design team to find the optimum solution for any flow metering application.

Flow Meter Repair

Rapidly effect flow meter repairs

Flowquip’s excellent flowmeter and instrument in house repair facilities are complimented by years of practical knowledge and experience.

This coupled with our traceable flow calibration rig means that Flowquip can rapidly effect repairs and testing to a wide range of flow meters and associated instrumentation.