Elster Quantometer QA/QAe

Turbine Flow Meter

Elster Quantometer Turbine Flow Meters for non-fiscal applications 

Honeywell’s Elster Quantometer is a highly reliable turbine gas meter, which is used in many industrial applications to determine the actual flow rate as well as consumption over a period of time fulfilling requirements of industrial, non-fiscal metering. 


Medium: Natural gas, Air, Methane, Nitrogen, other non-corrosive gases
Verticals: Heavy and Light Industry, Petrochemicals, Steel, Power,
Minerals, Heating
Function: In-plant Allocation Metering, Volume Input for Controls, Consumption
Monitoring for Burners, Boilers, Furnaces etc.

Operating principle:

The gas flowing through the meter sets a turbine wheel in motion. The number of revolutions of the wheel is proportional to the volume that has passed through the meter. The volume is registered by either a mechanical (QA) or an electronic (QAe) totalizer in the meter index.
Self-lubricating bearings ensure that the meter operates without the need or any regular maintenance. The metering principle is proven over decades also in fiscal applications. Design, materials and assembly process meet the highest standards.

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