Oil Check 400 – Compressed Air Quality Measurement System

The mobile solution for measuring compressed air quality, residual oil content, particles and moisture

The residual oil content sensor OIL check 400 measures the vaporous residual oil content in the compressed air. By means of a sample taking a representative part volume flow is taken from the compressed air and led to the OIL check 400. Due to the continuous measurement threshold value exceeding will be recognized immediately and remedial actions can be initiated to ensure oil-free compressed air.

Particle counter PC 400 The highly precise optical particle counter PC 400 measures particles from a size of 0.1 µm and is therefore suitable for monitoring of the compressed air quality class 1(ISO 8573).

Moisture – dew point sensor FA 510 FA 510 measures the pressure dew point down to -80 °Ctd. Also in this case the continuous measurement takes care that alert is triggered immediately if the compressed air dryer breaks down.

DS 500 – the intelligent chart recorder of the next generation. The centerpiece of comressed air quality measurement is the chart recorder DS 500. It measure and documents the measured data of the sensors for residual oil content, particles and moisture. The measured values are indicated on a 7“ color screen.

The curve progressions from the beginning of the measurement can be viewed by an easy slide of the finger. The integrated data logger stores the measured values safely and reliably. The threshold value can be freely entered for each measured parameter. 4 alarm relays are available for automatic alarm in case of an exceeding of the threshold values. Optionally DS 500 can be upgraded with up to 12 sensor
inputs. For connection to a PLC DS 500 has an Ethernet interface as well as a RS 485 interface. The communication is done via the Modbus protocol.