515 – LK01 Leak Monitor

Leak Monitor

Leak Monitor

The 515-LK01 Leak Monitor is designed to be part of an accurate and reliable monitoring and alarm system for critical processes where not more than acceptable volume is allowed to pass in a given time. A primary example of this is in the cooling processes in power generation plants where it is critical to monitor the loss/usage of coolant (water) in a system. This can be
important to monitor for cooling performance or environmental concerns.

This application operates as a “Leak Monitor” with a programmable preset value and a programmable internal timer to activate an alarm when the preset value is reached before the timer expires. It is designed to operate with an external NO/NC relay to act as a fail safe relay with the ability to raise an alarm on a power fail or whenever the unit is not monitoring the rate of leakage.
The instrument is compatible with a wide range of volumetric frequency flowmeter outputs, including millivolt signals, reed switches, Namur
proximity switches and pulse trains.


The total and flowrate are derived from accurately measured frequency and the number of received pulses.
volume = pulses / k-factor
volume flow = frequency / k-factor
Leak Timer is maintained accurately by a precise internal clock and is displayed and recorded in minutes and seconds

Displayed Information

The front panel display shows the current values of the input variables and the results of the calculations. A list of the variables for this application and their type (total or rate) is shown at the end of this document. The instrument can be supplied with a real-time clock for
storage of up to 1000 transactions with time and date stamps.


There are two communication ports available as follows:
• COM-1 RS-232 port
• COM-2 RS-485 port (optional) or Ethernet (optional)
The ports are available for remote data reading, printouts and for initial application loading of the instrument.

Isolated Outputs

The opto-isolated outputs are dedicated logic outputs, where OUT1 provides an Exception Active signal and OUT2 provides a Monitor Mode Active signal. One output is standard, a second output is available as an option.

Relay Outputs

The relay output 1 is dedicated as the Primary Status Relay (monitor mode) and relay output 2 is able to be used as assignable alarm. The advanced option provides another two relays that can be used as fully programmable alarms for any rate type variable.

Software Configuration

The instrument can be programmed to suit the particular application needs and the flexible I/O can be assigned as
required. Program settings can be changed either via the front panel (depending on assigned access levels) or via the 500 Series Program Manager (500-PM software).
The instrument stores all set-up parameters, totals and logged data in non-volatile memory with at least 30 years retention.