Contrec 515 – FP02

Petroleum Consumption Flow Computer - 2 Channel Analogue Flow

The 515 FP02 application measures the flow and consumption of petroleum fluid. The two-channel analog flow input enables the instrument to calculate the “delta” net volume that is used by a consuming device.

Each channel has an analog temperature input that allows for volume correction to reference conditions. It is expected that the feed flow will be greater than the return flow. An exception will be raised if negative flow is detected.

The instrument can be used to measure a range of crude and refined petroleum fluids included gasolene, jet fuels, heating oils, diesels, lube oils and LPGs.


To derive the flowrate, the analog input is normalised to a value (A) between 0 and 1.

volume flow = (Vfmax – Vfmin) A+Vfmin

volume = (volume flow. Δt)

The volume correction calculations are based on the ASTM D1250-04 and API Table 54 standard for the following products:

Crude Oils
Lube Oils
Refined Products
Light Hydrocarbon Liquids (LPG)
Volume correction for other fluids can be calculated by the following means:

General Coefficient of Expansion
Reprogrammed User Table