Fuel theft prevention is better than the cure!

You don’t have to look too hard on the internet to find numerous articles on the steady increase of fuel theft within the UK. According to a survey done by Certas Energy www.certasenergy.com and data obtained via a freedom of information act, £2,099,518 worth of fuel was stolen across the UK in 2015. With this still an ongoing problem in 2021 and with the majority of fuel theft coming from commercial entities, fleet operators across the UK are under pressure to find solutions to prevent this happening to them. That’s why Technoton the Minsk based instrumentation company developed their DFM fuel flow meter which accurately measures and monitors fuel consumption on trucks, machinery and tractors.

The DFM is a differential flow meter designed for direct measurement of fuel consumption, it can be used as a part of GPS tracking system, vehicle telematics system or as an stand-alone (autonomous) solution for fuel consumption monitoring. If a fleet is fitted with the DFM fuel monitoring measurement system this can not only prevent internal fuel theft where operators are inflating the amount of fuel used and siphoning fuel off for their own benefit, but also external fuel theft can be identified quickly and easily. When installed directly in to an engine, real-time fuel information provides constant visibility and control of fuel usage. Historical data can be used to locate fleet anomalies, count engine working time and highlight signs of repair or maintenance issues.

Fuel flow meters


Advantages of the DFM include:

  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Engine performance monitoring and pro-actively signal maintenance
  • Smart fuel management to optimise cost and lower emissions
  • Precise measurement of engine working hours and fuel consumption in Idle or overload modes



DFM is designed for diesel fuel consumption in trucks, tractors, bulldozers, boilers, vessels, diesel generators, stationary objects with diesel engines and other heavy machinery.

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