How accurate flow metering can increase your profits

If you’re a production facility or any business that uses steam, gases or liquids in your processes, Flowquip can save you money.

Over time process systems and machinery deteriorate and become less efficient.

Flowquip will identify where cost savings can be made in your processes by installing accurate flow metering, control solutions and energy monitoring systems.

Accurate flow metering can help any business improve the efficiency of its processes and in turn help control its costs.

Flowquip are the UK’s leading flow measurement and control specialists; we offer a complete range of flowmeters, instrumentation and control systems for liquid, gas and steam flow applications. We supply to most industry sectors including manufacturing, nuclear, oil & gas, chemical, food & beverage, energy and water.

Generally our customers find that the savings we help them make can pay for the cost of new equipment, therefore ensuring they can increase these savings year on year.

“Flowquip have played a key role in increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing process. The solution they provided has greatly reduced our labour cost, our gas usage and overall operating costs. Throughout the entire specification and installation process the Flowquip team were punctual, informative and professional. Their after sales services are second to none, and I would highly recommend them”. – Russell Clamp, Quality Manager – John Winters Ltd.

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