Why is flow meter calibration and re-calibration so important?

Most people recognise that flow meters should be calibrated before putting them in to use, but why is flow meter calibration so important?

The process of flow meter calibration involves comparing the meter to a reference device which is used as a calibration standard. The calibration of the reference device should be traceable back to a national or international standard.  The next stage involves adjusting the flow meter (if required) to counter act any errors.

If, like thousands of other facilities, you use flow meters in your process then it makes good business sense to make sure that the flow meters you are using are providing you with accurate and consistent information. Whatever fluid you are metering, it is highly likely that the liquids, gases or steam used in your processes are valuable commodities, therefore precise flow meter performance is an invaluable part of business planning and costing.

Flow Meter Calibration

Over time, certain flow meters suffer from mechanical wear and others from electronic drift leading to inaccurate measurements, engineers rely on these flow meters to maintain the quality, safety and effectiveness of their process. The best way to prove your meter’s performance is to compare it with a calibrated reference device. Flowquip’s flow meter calibration service will determine if your meter is within specification, and in most cases perform a re-calibration if it’s not.

A lot of people ask how often their flow meters should be checked, we would say at best once a year, and at worst every two years,  the calibration period will depend on the type of meter and the application and conditions. Where possible, between calibration periods it is good practice to carry out your own in-house flow meter performance checks. This can be done by filling a vessel of a known volume, or filling and weighing a vessel, and comparing it to the flow meter reading.

Before you make the decision to have your flow meter sent away and verified, it is important to know that it has been installed correctly in your pipe work system in the first place. A flow meter may perform well in a calibration, but if it is returned and fitted back in to a poor installation, then the stated accuracy of the calibration certificate may become null and void. Poor flow meter installations are common and are usually associated with insufficient straight pipe or the wrong size of pipe before and after the flow meter.

Flowquip have been providing accurate flow meter calibrations for our customers for over 12 years, all our calibrations are checked against our reference meters which are calibrated annually and are traceable to independent UKAS calibration laboratories.

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