Contrec 515 – MP01

Mass Flow Computer with Master Proving

The 515 MP01 application measures the mass flow of a product.

The mass flow computer uses the frequency output from a mass flowmeter and has an additional “master meter” input and Meter Factor for in-line proving.

The master meter input allows an “on the fly” proving run to be carried out against the line meter without interrupting the flow. A recommended Meter Factor is calculated and can be entered to ensure accurate measurement for current flow conditions or to cater for a slight deterioration in the line meter.

The  mass flow computer maintains the Line flowrate and total independently of the proving totals. Proving runs canbe controlled via the RTU Modbus
communications or via rear panel
logic inputs.


The Meter Factor (MF) is multiplication correction factor used for the line meter. It is applied to each total and rate sample, as they are collected, to obtain the correct value.

mass = MF × (pulses / k-factor)

The flow rate is derived from an accurately measured frequency:

flow = MF × (frequency / k-factor)