Contrec 425 Flow Computer

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425 Flow Computer

The Contrec 425 Flow Computer can handle a wide range of flow applications where high accuracy and flexibility are required.

It will interface to most flowmeters and accepts most types of pulse inputs.

Either the Flow Rate or a Resettable Total can be continuously displayed in engineering units on the large six digit LCD display. A non-resettable Accumulated Total is also displayed whenever the DISPLAY key is pressed.

A scaled pulse output, suitable for driving remote totalisers, is a standard feature and the instrument also provides an 8-24 Volt dc power supply for driving transducers.

High/low flow rate alarms can be output on two form C relays.

An isolated 4-20mA output is available as an option.

RS232 and RS422/485 Communications interface

The Contrec 425 Flow computer includes both RS232 and RS485 interfaces as standard for communicating with a computer.
Software drivers are also included for a number of printers and can print a ticket with time and date, a sequential ticket
number, and the resettable and accumulated totals.

Set-Up data is stored in non-volatile memory

The Contrec 425 Flow Computer is initially set-up by following a calibration sequence that enables scaling factors, digital filtering and display formatting to be set and stored in a non-volatile memory which does not require battery backup.
The instrument will operate from 12 to 28V dc or from universal ac mains.

Digital filtering enhances rate accuracy

Frequency fluctuations caused by pulsating flow through a flow meter, often makes the rate impossible to read with any precision. .

The 425 has a digital filter which will average out these fluctuations and enable the rate to be read to a four digit accuracy. The degree of filtering is fully programmable which means that highly accurate and stable readings can be obtained without excessive lag.

Different mounting options available

Like the Contrec 424 Batch Controller, the 425 is designed for panel mounting with the facia watertight to IP65 (Nema 4X) and resistant to most chemicals.

A field enclosure and an explosion-proof are optionally available.

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