Contrec 424 Batch Controller

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424 Batch Controller

The batch flow computer for applications where precise control of batch quantities is required


The Contrec 424 Batch Controller is suited to flow applications where precise measurement and control of batch quantities is required. Batch total, flow rate, accumulated total and preset value can all be displayed in engineering units on the large LCD display.

Like the Contrec 425 Flow Computer, the Contrec 424 Batch Controller will interface to most flowmeters with versions available for pulse outputs.

Batch Features
Automatic Overrun Compensation

Based on previous batches. the 424 will automatically compensate for any overrun which may be caused by slow closing valves.

Batch Limit

A maximum batch quantity can be programmed during set-up, so that the operator cannot enter a batch size that exceeds this limit.

Signal Time-out

If the flow signal cuts out midway through a batch, the output relays are de-energised, and an alarm signaled via an open collector output.

Remote Start/Stop

Remote push-button switches can be connected to the rear terminal strip, to start and stop batches.

Auto Restart

The 424 can be programmed to automatically restart the batch after a preset time delay.

Count Up/Down

The instrument can be programmed to count up from zero, or to count down from the batch quantity.

End of Batch

An end of batch signal is provided via an open collector transistor output.

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