Flowquip’s Air and Gas flow sensors are now available with integrated Ethernet interface (Modbus/TCP)

 Air and Gas Flow Sensors

The connection of flow sensors for compressed air and gases to higher-level energy management systems and process control systems is becoming increasingly important.

Now Flowquip’s VA 550/570 air and gas flow sensors can either be equipped with a classic Ethernet interface or with Power over Ethernet (PoE).
When operating with Power over Ethernet, no additional power supply is required for the VA 550/570.

Among other things, the following information can be retrieved via the Modbus / TCP protocol:

  •    Flow rate in m³/h, m³/min, litre/min, litre/sec, kg/h, …
  •    Counter reading in m³, litre, kg, …
  •    Temperature in °C (°F)
  •    Serial number, last calibration date, next calibration date
  •    Min, max, average values of flow and temperature

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