FT3 Threaded Industrial Turbine Flow Meter

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Turbine Flow Meters

Industrial Turbine Flow Meter

The Flowquip range of threaded FT3 industrial turbine flowmeters provide a highly accurate and economical means of measuring flows of clean liquids over the range 1 to 2250 l/min with bore sizes available from 15mm to 80mm. Flowquip industrial turbine flowmeter can be applied to a wide range of duties in the process industry measuring both lubricating and non-lubricating liquids of low viscosity. The all-stainless steel construction gives good corrosion resistance. Furthermore the FT3 is largely unaffected by changes in liquid density and temperature. It is a very economic flow solution offering outstanding accuracy with a bearing construction which gives an extremely reliable performance over long periods. Typical applications for our industrial turbine flow meter include the measurement of water, hydraulic oils and chemicals. The flowmeter has laboratory standards of accuracy so it is also used for testing the performance of pumps, jets, turbines, engines, valves and even other flowmeters.

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