Promass 83F

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Coriolis Flow Meter

The Promass 83F is a flowmeter with premium accuracy, robustness and extended transmitter functionality.

Promass F has a long standing reputation as a highly accurate device under varying process conditions. It is suited for a broadest range of applications. Combined with the Promass 83 transmitter with touch control, four line display and extended functionality like software options for filling and dosing, concentration measurement or advanced diagnostics, Promass 83F offers premium accuracy in measurement of liquids and gases.

Benefits –

Highest process safety – immune to fluctuating and harsh environments
Fewer process measuring points – multivariable measurement (flow, density, temperature)
Space-saving installation – no in/outlet run needs
Quality – software for filling & dosing, density & concentration, advanced diagnostics
Flexible data transfer options – numerous communication types
Automatic recovery of data for servicing

Field of Application –

Measuring principle operates independently of physical fluid properties such as viscosity or density
Highest measurement performance for liquids and gases under varying, demanding process conditions.
Device properties
Mass flow: measured error ±0,05 % (PremiumCal)
Pressure-rated sensor housing up to 40 bar (580 psi)
Nominal diameter: DN 8 to 250 (3/8 to 10″)
4-line backlit display with touch control
Device in compact or remote version
HART, PROFIBUS PA/DP, Modbus RS485, FF, EtherNet/IP

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