GMDM-I Multi-Jet Water Meter

GMDM-I Multi jet water meter, super dry pre-equipped for inductive modules

GMDM-I Multi-jet meter, dry dial, magnetic transmission with 360° rotating lid.

Versions for cold water (50°C) and hot water (90°C).Inductive pre-equipment for the installation of data communication modules M-BUS wired and wireless OMS and non-magnetic pulse output. This makes the flow meter ideal for 

The GMDM-I Multi-jet meter is a reliable and versatile meter for low flow rate applications and comes with MID and WRAS approvals. 

A1″ BSP (DN25) Multi jet cold water meter.
Nominal flow Q3 = 6.3m3/h.
Optional Pulse, M-Bus or wireless M-Bus output.
Length = 260mm without unions, 380mm with unions.
Maximum Temperature = 50 Deg. C.
Unions & washers included.
Horizontal or Vertical installation.
High quality – Manufactured in Italy

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