VAF Hi-Flow Sliding Vane

Positive Displacement Flow Meter 150mm-300mm

HiFlow sliding vane flowmeters are manufactured in ductile iron and stainless steel and available from 150mm to 300mm bore sizes to handle flow rates up to 16000 l/min. They offer exceptional accuracy and repeatability, with a low pressure drop. The simple, rugged design provides a long service life. All industry standard Veeder-Root registers and ticket printers can be fitted to the HiFlow making it a very versatile meter, and a true work horse. The flowmeter is driven by the process liquid which makes it suitable for locations without power supply. The high accuracy of the flowmeter (down to 0.1% and repeatability 0.05%) is not influenced by process pressure, temperature, mechanical pipe strain or liquid turbulence and therefore straight inlet and outlet pipe diameters are not required.