LoadPro® (Explosion Proof)

  • Load Controller

Load Controller

LoadPro® is a single arm load controller. Ideally suited to smaller fuel depots and chemical plants, LoadPro provides a safe and accurate solution for loading fuels, chemicals and any fluids into tankers. Easily integrated with Datamod®, Contrec’s own simple to use reporting software or with most commercial TAS systems, the full alpha numeric keyboard has capabilities of Dual Stage, Digital Valve, and Analogue Valve Control for the reliable and accurate delivery of preset quantities of liquid products.®

The frequency flow input, from volumetric or mass flowmeters, can accept a quadrature signal for ISO 6551 level B pulse security and temperature, pressure and/or density inputs can be used to provide volume correction. The LoadPro controller can load on Volume(s) or Mass preset quantities.
The controller can be set to prompt for a valid Access ID (ID-Tag or Pin-Number), a range of job specific information and prompt for permissive inputs before a delivery can be commenced. The
Access ID number and the job specific data is stored as a part of the logged transaction record and can be made available to external databases. A pump demand output and emergency stop
inputs assist in catering for safe and controlled delivery of product in single arm loading applications.
A start sequence ensures a load or off-load will be carried out safely and recorded accurately, allowing for custom transaction information, compartment number, preset value and permissives to be manually entered or confirmed before the load or off-load commences.

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