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Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Trigear Flow meters are precise, reliable and rugged instruments for the volumetric flow of liquids.

In general they are ideal for industrial, petroleum and chemical applications that require high degrees of accuracy and repeatability. They operate on the Positive Displacement principle using advanced gear technology and offer a competitive alternative to their Oval Gear, Sliding Vane and Bi-Rotor alternatives.

Principal of Operation

Liquid Passes into the single case measuring chamber and displaces two Tri-gears. Each rotation of a Tri-gear is proportional to a discrete unit of volume, in turn, the speed at which the gears rotate is directly proportional to flowrate. Reed and Hall Effect sensors mounted outside the pressure boundary detect the movement of the Tri-gears, thus allowing local or remote instruments to display flow total, rate of flow or facilitate batching applications.

Trigear flow meters can be fitted with additional sensors to provide in phase or out of phase signals for applications such as bi-directional flow.

The Trigear flow meters outperform its competitors when it comes to the accurate metering of the majority of clean liquids including Solvents, Alcohols, Fuels, Oils, additives, chemicals, food bases, paints and viscous emulsions whether pumped or gravity fed. Additionally it is an excellent, higher accuracy replacement for transmitting variable area (Rotameter) flowmeters.

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