Contrec 150 Process Indicator

150 Process Indicator

The Model 150A process indicator accepts a 4-20mA signal from a wide range of transducers. 

These include pressure and temperature transmitters, weigh scales, pH sensors, flowmeters or level transmitters.

The process indicator will display the signal level on the bar graph and the scaled process variable on a large LCD display.

Solid state relay outputs provide up to four level alarms and 25 point non-linearity correction table allows the instrument to be programmed for non-linear signals.

The process indicator is powered entirely from the 4-20mA current loop and, therefore, requires no external power or batteries.

The instrument is fully programmable, with setup parameters such as span, offset, alarm levels, etc, stored in a non-volatile memory which will retain all data for more than 10 years without power.

The Model 150 is housed in an attractive IP67 (Nema 4X) polycarbonate enclosure which is completely watertight.

A wall mounting bracket is supplied as standard, while a 2″ pipe mounting bracket is available as an option.

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