Contrec 515 – BT01

Secure Dual Stage Batch Controller

The 515 BT01 application is a secure dual stage batch controller for reliable and accurate delivery of preset quantities of petroleum and other products. The frequency flow input can accept a quadrature signal for ISO 6551 level B pulse security. The temperature and/or density inputs allow for volume correction to reference conditions.

The instrument can be set to prompt for a valid ID-Tag and/or a Permissive input before a delivery can be commenced. The ID-Tag number is stored as a part of the logged transaction record and can be used to link deliveries to external databases.

A selection of fluid types include a range of crude and refined petroleum fluids. Temperature compensation for other general fluids is also available via thermal expansion coefficient or a user defined table.


The gross volume total and flow rate are derived from accurately measured frequency and the number of recieved pulses.
Volume = pulses/k-factor
Volume flow = frequency/k-factor

The volume correction calculations are based on the ASTM D1250-04 and API Table 54 standard for the following products:

Crude Oils
Lube Oils
Refined Products
Light Hydrocarbon Liquids (LPG)
Volume correction for other fluids can be calculated by the following means:

General Coefficient of Expansion
Preprogrammed User Table