Contrec 515 – DG01

Density Converter (Gas)

The density converter application accepts inputs from Sarasota density meters, temperature and pressure transmitters, and an unassigned input enabling a variable to be connected as an input to the Customer Defined Function (look-up table).
The converter calculates line (measured) density from the density meter period output and uses it together with temperature and pressure readings to derive density at reference conditions and calculate specific gravity and other density related variables.
This instrument is compatible with a wide range of density meter pulse outputs, including millivolt signals, reed switches, Namur proximity switches and pulse trains via its smart front-panel program selection.


The line density calculations are based on accurately measured average period of pulses coming from density meters such as Sarasota Industrial Density Meter FD910, etc. A variety of calculations are available to suit the nature of the gas and the measurement conditions. The calculations are valid for the vapour phase of a gas.

Equations Of State:
• Ideal Gas
• Redlich-Kwong
• Soave-Redlich-Kwong
• Peng-Robinson