Contrec Trac-50 Truck Register

  • Truck Register

Electronic Truck Register

Simple, robust and accurate – Contrec release their new Trac-50 Truck Register for accurate delivery of fuels, chemicals and liquid food stuffs.

Contrec’s new Trac–50 is an intelligent off-loading controller for the safe and accurate discharge of chemicals, fuels and other liquids from trucks, railcars, barges and portable metering trolleys.  Superseding the popular Trac-40 Truck Register, the new model comes with a host of new features and communication options to make off-loading of these expensive commodities safe, secure and fully traceable.

Truck Registers often have to operate in adverse conditions due to the unique challenges found on vehicles including vibration, power fluctuations and inclement weather.  They need to be robust, easy to operate and most of all totally reliable.  Like the Trac-40, Contrec’s new Trac -50 complies with OIML R117 MID (approvals pending) for use on Refined, Crude and Lube oil products to industry standard ASTM tables.  Additionally, as the world moves further towards environmentally sustainable fuels, the Trac-50 has been designed to accurately deliver Ethanol, Gasohol, Biodiesel and a wide range of liquids where the fluid properties are known. 

Additionally, the Trac-50 covers a variety of applications including:

  • Tank to Tank Transfer
  • Aircraft Refuelling (Tanker or Hydrant)
  • Bowser Deliveries
  • Portable Meter Skids
  • LPG/LHL Distribution
  • Sewage Water and Waste Oil recovery

Safety Features

With truck unloading applications, safety is paramount. That’s why Contrec’s new Trac-50 has new safety features such as, no flow, leakage and overflow detection, emergency stop, permissive and ‘deadman’ inputs. Additionally, a PIN number can be used to ensure only authorised drivers can operate the system.


The Trac-50 has an internal logging memory, capable of storing up to 500 deliveries for record keeping and audit trails. Each delivery can produce a customised ticket for a local printer which contains time/date, ticket number, delivered gross/net volumes/mass, temperature and/or density and any errors that occurred during the delivery.  In addition to ticket printing there is also a Modbus output available for connection to on-board tablets/PC’s for production of invoices or transmission of data via suitable GSM networks.

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